Goldcar Rental opens a new office in Barcelona

Goldcar Rental, an Alicante-based company, continues the expansion it undertook in Spain and abroad last year by opening new offices at the airports in Fuerteventura and Tenerife Norte, and with their offices for travellers landing at El Prat airport in Barcelona.

The company invested 15 million euro in the new offices at El Prat, and in buying an important number of cars for their vehicle fleet. Goldcar Barcelona has 500 cars of different ranges and has indirectly recruited ten new employees for the company’s workforce.

The recovery of Europe’s economies, which provide most of Goldcar Rental’s customers, and the bookings made by travellers from abroad come to an estimated 20,000 departures (car hires) from the office at El Prat. Therefore, Goldcar calculates that 60,000 people will use the rent-a-car services during the office’s first year of life.

The company offers its services in Spain’s main tourist destination cities and has 23 offices (16 at airports and 7 in cities) in all. It is the leading company at the airports in Alicante, Almeria, Jerez, Malaga, Murcia and Palma de Mallorca, and the second company in turnover at the airports in Gerona, Lanzarote, Las Palmas and Reus. The new office in Barcelona is now one more addition.

Growth and international expansion

The company has a fleet of 20,000 vehicles, 70% of which are renewed annually, making it the Spanish company with the most capacity for transporting travellers in all of Spain. Last year Goldcar invested 180 million euros in renewing their fleet.

The brothers Juan and Pedro Alcaraz opened business in 1985 with a modest office and five vehicles in the town of San Juan, in Alicante. The company grew and even changed the initial trade name Europa Rent a Car for Goldcar Rental. It has gone from a turnover of 86.4 million euros in 2007 to a turnover of 106.2 million euros in 2009. Thanks to the new offices and the new online booking systems, the company attained a turnover of 117 million euros in 2010.

Goldcar leads the holiday car rental sector, boots and consolidates tourism and is a major motor of Spain’s economy at the national, regional and provincial level.

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